Your free consultation is scheduled following your initial phone call to our office.

During the first appointment, several important things will happen. You will be greeted by the treatment coordinator. They will review your personal information, health history, and your chief concerns with your teeth and/or smile. Dr. Davis will conduct a thorough examination of your face, mouth, teeth, and jaws to determine whether you can benefit from orthodontic treatment and, if so when treatment should begin.

We will answer as many questions as possible.  If orthodontic treatment is recommended now, we may proceed and take diagnostic records.

In order for the doctor to accurately diagnose your problems and plan your treatment, some additional information is needed beyond what is found during the examination. The doctor will request diagnostic records that can sometimes be done the day of the examination or we will ask you to return so we can have a complete set of records to evaluate your needs. In our office, we will take molds of your teeth, from which plaster replicas are made, digital photographs of your face and teeth, x-rays of your teeth and surrounding bone, and a head-film x-ray to evaluate the position of the jaw structures.

At the free consultation, Dr. Davis will fully explain the nature and extent of your needs and an individualized plan of treatment. This appointment is important because it is your time to have all questions answered and feel comfortable with the orthodontic treatment plan. Our treatment coordinator will review the costs of treatment and payment arrangements. Usually, There is a down payment when treatment begins and the remainder is divided into monthly payments for the duration of treatment. Special arrangements can be made. 

In some cases, your braces can be placed the same day we take your diagnostic records.  In other cases, the next couple of appointments will be dedicated to placing your braces. You will also receive individual instruction in hygiene, diet and appliance care from our hygiene specialists. 

Once the braces are placed, subsequent adjustment visits are scheduled every four to six weeks. These visits normally take between 15-45 minutes.

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